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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Importance of Breadboards

The French have an expression: "Bon pain, bon maison!" This literally means: "Good bread, good home." Basically - if your bread is good, everything else is good. As far as country home decorating goes, I believe if your breadboards are good, your country home is good!
In my country home, I keep my antique breadboards at hand by hanging them up on my wall and storing them in the wooden box designed to hold my collection - this way they add country flair to my kitchen when they aren't in use (and I do actually use them). I use them as centerpieces on the dining table, and for serving cheese and crackers when entertaining guests, among other things. I love the look of the old wood so much - I use them whenever I can!
In her book, "Country On a Shoestring," Judy Condon suggests using antique breadboards on your countertops if your countertops aren't "country" enough for you, yet you can't afford to replace them -- and she adds that antique breadboards have a richer patina than new wood (butcherblock) does and give a better country appeal (p.11). And MUCH cheaper too!

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